Ozone Therapy in Dentistry

Ozone Therapy has been used in dentistry for several decades and yet most providers do not offer this service.  Medical ozone is used in medicine and dentistry with remarkable effects.  Our ozone machine makes our ozone distilled water, removing all bacteria and viruses from the water in our dental treatment.

Patients who receive Therapeutic Scaling and Root planing and Periodontal maintenance will receive ozone therapy during all appointments to eliminate all bacteria at the site and allow the body to heal exponentially after their treatment.

Prolotherapy is a combination of Procaine + Ozone.  Procaine is injected to numb the area and breakdown scar tissue.  Ozone gas is injected into the same area to treat infection and scar tissue.  Prolotherapy is an ideal treatment for patient with periodontitis.

Dr. Shirley Parikh a Houston dentist, restores your teeth by treating the tooth with ozone before placing your restorative resin.  Ozone will kill all bacteria and viruses that could be present and eliminate tooth sensitivity.  Careful tooth removal and the use of ozone therapy allows us to keep teeth vital and prevent the need for a root canal.  As decay approaches the dental pulp, tooth sensitivity increases and can lead to irreversible damage.