Why choose us

  • Practicing for 15 years
  • Thousands of hours in continuing education
  • Expert contributor for Oak Forest Living
  • Trained in Therapeutic Botox and Facial Pain, Orthodontics, and Ozone
  • Integrative Dentistry
  • Comprehensive care with advanced technology

My inspiration for Bristles was to deliver an elevated experience in dentistry.

Comprehensive dentistry means evaluating the whole person. We are trained to diagnose and treat dental decay, oral pathology, oral facial pain,  gum health,  and growth and development of the face and jaws.

We always reserve time in our schedule for dental emergencies.

We also evaluate and guide growth and development of our airway and jaws.  Our faces are 90% formed by the age of 12 and we can use the natural growth  to modify or improve our growth pattern.  Deep bites can cause restriction in our natural growth of our jaws and also our airway.

We diagnose and treat periodontal disease which can carry the same anaerobic bacteria to every part of our body and is heavily correlated with Diabetes.  One increasing the risk factor for the other. Vitamin deficiencies and symptoms from other diseases can manifest themselves in the mouth and be detected and referred to the correct provider.  In medicine, we are traditionally trained specifically in one area of the body without true multidisciplinary training.  Our mouth is part of our digestive tract and is not separate from whole body wellness.

Amenities to foster your relaxation include dark shades, nitrous oxide, soft blankets, and movies that stream from our ceiling mounted TV’s — all provided to accommodate patients who might be feeling anxious.  We also provide a numbing rinse to make cleanings more comfortable, warm towelette and lip balm at the end of your procedure.

Bristles also employs state-of-the-art technology such as digital radiographs, intraoral cameras, and a digital scanner that takes a digital impression of your full mouth.  CADCAM technology allows us to restore a broken tooth in a few hours from start to finish.  You will walk out with your permanent restoration and no need to return after weeks with a temporary crown.

Our team will be available before, during, and after your dental appointment to ensure the desired results.  We send convenient text and email reminders to make confirming easy.  You can also expect follow-up calls after your appointment, which helps the team confirm your oral health and satisfaction.

We accept and process all claims for patients with PPO insurance that allow out-of-network benefits.  Our team works tirelessly to maximize your insurance benefits when you visit our office.

We also provide our Bristles Wellness Plan for patients who are self-pay. It covers two visits per year, 20% discount on all services, complimentary cosmetic consultation and more. No waiting period, No deductible. All benefits.

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